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You may not be familiar with the industry language of serviced apartments. Many people might find themselves asking, what is the difference between serviced apartments and hotels? For travelers and others seeking out a short- or long-term stay, there is the option of a serviced apartment. Formerly this demographic only had one real option. That option was to stay in a hotel. Now people traveling for business or leisure have more options and may find themselves deciding to stay in a serviced apartment rather than a hotel room

Why Live in a Serviced Apartment?

There are many reasons people choose serviced apartments. They are convenient, comfortable, and offer a wide array of amenities and benefits. A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment available for short or long-term rental.

Hotel rooms can be small and cramped. If you need more room you are forced to opt for a large suite, provided one is available. The cost of a large suite, however, is not cheap.  A serviced apartment, on the other hand, is a normal-sized studio, one, two, or three-bedroom apartment, on average offering a great deal more space than a typical hotel room. You have much more room to work, relax, spread out, and live your life. 

Furnished apartments in Los Angeles for short-term rental – like those available with The James of Hollywood – offer a full-sized, fully equipped kitchen. You can prepare all of your own meals if you so desire. Each kitchen also has an adjoined dining space where you can take your meals and perhaps entertain guests or visitors. 

Preparing your meals at home can be a great way to save money and avoid eating unhealthily if that is something you are conscious of. Especially in times when it’s not possible to get out to a restaurant as often as we would like, this is a very attractive feature of a serviced apartment. All of the kitchens at The James of Hollywood have stainless steel appliances as well. So, you can relax knowing your kitchen will be functional and stylish, whether or not cooking at home is your preference, isn’t it nice to have the option?

Serviced Apartments vs. Hotel Rooms

For those staying in a hotel room, it can be difficult to feel at home with little more than a bed, a bath, a dresser, a wardrobe, and perhaps a writing desk. Serviced apartments are fully furnished with all the furniture you would want in your home. They’re also fully equipped with everything you need to cook and live, from pots and pans to laundry baskets. At The James of Hollywood, residents can use the onsite laundry or opt for the convenient concierge-laundry service to save themselves a bit of time. 

With all the factors we have discussed here, you can see why it is often difficult to live in a hotel for an extended period. Personally, anything longer than three days in a hotel feels like a bit much! As someone who prefers a bit more space, and who likes to feel at home and cook for yourself, spending any length of time at a hotel, I can start to feel a bit claustrophobic. Serviced apartments come with all the comforts you want from a home and everything you need to feel at home and live in your space. 

Furnished apartments in Los Angeles for short-term rental can also save you a lot of money. And since you won’t be sacrificing any luxury, this is a must – isn’t it? Price differences between serviced apartments and hotels can depend on the length of your stay and vary from place to place. Staying in a hotel for weeks on end can be extremely pricy. Especially since you will need to rely on restaurants and food service for all of your meals. 

A serviced apartment can save you so much money compared to hotels, especially when it comes to long-term stays. As mentioned, the savings rate can vary from place to place, but on average, you could be spending half the amount for your stay by choosing a serviced apartment over a hotel. You may also benefit from tax savings by staying in a serviced apartment for an extended time, depending on where you take residency. 

If you are worried about sacrificing location when opting for a serviced apartment over a hotel, you don’t need to be! Serviced apartments can be located in nearly any residential area within a city. They can also be found nearly anywhere in the world where there are apartments. The James of Hollywood is tucked away on a quiet street just off Hollywood Boulevard. The area has a touch of European charm and is centrally located to public transit and many iconic L.A. landmarks. You will enjoy the convenience and the quiet of this lovely location.

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