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Hotel residences have been an option for people looking for luxurious living that is hard to find elsewhere. Many individuals have opted into living in a hotel residence, rather than leasing an apartment. Why? Because hotel living can be both lavish and convenient.

What People Who Live in Hotels Say…

People who live in hotels often rave about the experience. For many, living in a hotel residence can “create a sense of comfort, a sense of place, a sense of enlightenment.” A hotel residence like that at The James of Hollywood offers not just a place to stay, but rather an apartment featuring a fully equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances, wood flooring, and modern fixtures with a retro feel. A place you can really call home.

People who live in hotels do so for a variety of reasons. For many, it’s something that suits their desire to have amenities and the freedom that comes along with that. Others, still, may want to live somewhere that creates opportunities to connect with new people. The James of Hollywood offers communal working space, meeting rooms, a stunning outdoor garden with fire pits and BBQ, a vinyl record-playing lounge, and, of course, a fitness center (which we will get into later). 

These are just some of the amenities that residents can enjoy if they choose to, which makes hotel living a perfect option for those who enjoy the prospect of making connections and meeting new people Clearly this is fabulous news for potential residents who work remotely from home or who are self-employed. Oh, and let’s not forget the complimentary guest/resident happy hour!

Taking Time for Self-Care

One of the substantial downsides to being busy with work or travel is the toll it can take on your self-care routine. Using the fitness center at The James of Hollywood is a definite perk for those who are living in a hotel residence. No need to fall off the proverbial wagon with your fitness routine just because you are busy. Working out can help reduce stress and often that leads to more productive days. We all feel better when we get our heart rate up for 30 minutes every (or every other) day. It’s really a win-win! And getting your workout routine in at a gorgeous fitness center with access to personal training! Honestly, what could be better? Who would have imagined that living in a hotel residence had so many perks?

Living in a Hotel Residence: Home Sweet Home?

A common misconception of living in a hotel residence is that you may feel more like a guest than a resident. As mentioned earlier in the quote from a person who lives in a hotel, it is actually quite the opposite. Hotel residences at The James of Hollywood are very comfortable and feel like home. 

They come fully furnished – and stylishly! – so there is no need to move heavy furniture around or pay an exorbitant amount to have your furniture moved for you. The pieces are well-curated and designed to make the resident feel at peace and able to relax in a clean and gorgeous environment. That said, living in a hotel residence offers some things you just don’t get in an apartment. 

So, while living in a hotel can be a stabilizing and grounding experience where you feel at home in your residence, it also offers many conveniences to save you time and money. For example, The James of Hollywood, not only has self-laundry on-site but also offers concierge-laundry service. How’s that for luxurious?! What a time saver!

Enjoying the Simple Things in Life

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make our lives so much easier and allow us time for what is important to us, whether that be personal projects, relaxation, spending time with friends and family, or working towards our goals and accomplishing our dreams. Saving time in these little ways can pay off. And, for your four-legged companion, The James of Hollywood offers a dog-run and dog walking service. No need for your little buddy to go without walks when you need to stay out late or just find yourself a bit too busy for the normal routine a dog needs.

Many people who live in hotels say that the opportunity to downsize their personal possessions was actually really welcome. Of course, some people will be coming into a hotel residence without furniture or many belongings. Perhaps, especially if one is a traveler. But, for many, the pressure of keeping up with the Joneses, so to speak, can be draining. Wanting to have beautifully coordinated pieces that elevate your space and your mood can be costly. And it can feel like a burden to own so many belongings. 

The residents at The James of Hollywood enjoy king- and queen-sized beds, well-appointed living spaces, Kiehl’s personal care products, Marshall’s Bluetooth speakers, and, last but not least, spacious closets. All the comforts of home without the pressure!

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