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For short- and long-term stays, renting a furnished apartment is a practical solution that can be very attractive for many people. There are many benefits to renting a furnished apartment; they come equipped with items you need to live your best life without having to pack up or purchase all your essentials.

Whether you are looking for a short-term rental or long-term rental, the benefits of renting a furnished apartment may surprise you.

Furnished apartments vary in what they offer, but often include furniture like beds, sofas, and dressers, and a kitchen nook or table. As a renter you will understand how having these essentials furnished for you can take a ton of the stress out of moving from one location to the next. Forget about renting a moving truck, hiring movers, or purchasing all new items for the move. The ease in which you can move to a new apartment and the freedom to do so without sweating the small stuff is a major convenience of renting furnished apartments.

The James of Hollywood offers furnished apartments in Hollywood for the eclectic and discerning traveler. These furnished apartments are designed for those who want to enjoy the comfort of a beautiful living space and the convenience offered by a furnished apartment complete with luxury amenities. The James of Hollywood provides residents with a gorgeous space in which to live, work and create. These rentals not only save time and reduce stress they offer collaborative areas for networking, socializing, and relaxing.

Renting a Furnished Apartment: 5 Advantages

Furnished apartments, while an excellent option for short-term and long-term residency, are not all equal. Here are some things you’ll want to consider:

  1. Location

Location, as you know, is everything. The James of Hollywood is centrally located to public transit and the iconic L.A. landmarks. These furnished apartments in Hollywood mean you can easily and conveniently reach airports and all of your L.A. destinations.

  1. Style and Quality of Furnishings

You don’t need to sacrifice your sense of style and taste to enjoy the convenience and ease of a furnished apartment. The James of Hollywood’s fully furnished studios or one-bedroom apartments feature a well-equipped kitchen with stainless-steel appliances, wood flooring, and modern fixtures with retro feel.

  1. Amenities

At the James of Hollywood, residents enjoy a co-working space, library and vinyl record-playing lounge, game room, dog run, and outdoor garden with fire pits and BBQ. It’s about more than your apartment, after all. You want to live, work and play in a place that fosters your individuality and creativity, don’t you?

You might not even be thinking about details like parking, mail and package delivery and the more practical day-to-day elements of residential life. The importance of these amenities, however, will become clear and you’ll be relieved at how easy and convenient it is at the James of Hollywood. A key benefit to furnished apartments that you may not be aware of is onsite parking and valet service as well as 24/7 front office, concierge and security and mail and parcel delivery service.

When looking for a furnished apartment in Hollywood you will also want to think about laundry and cleaning services. The James of Hollywood offers self-laundry on site and concierge-laundry service as well as professional housekeeping.

  1. Saving Money Upfront

A beautifully furnished and well-appointed apartment or studio means you don’t need to spend money upon move-in. The costs of outfitting an apartment with kitchen, living room, and bedroom furnishings is enormous, not to mention time consuming. It can take months to put together a stylish and functional apartment. Choosing a furnished apartment that looks and feels like home is important. You don’t want to sacrifice your comfort for the conveniences. You don’t need to either. Without the need to augment furnishing with your own expensive purchases, you can fully enjoy the savings benefits of a furnished apartment.

  1. Ease of Moving

Moving is exhausting! If it requires moving heavy furniture, you may even need to hire professionals. If you are making a move across the country, bringing along all your own furniture is often even more expensive than replacing it after a move.

With a furnished apartment, you don’t need to concern yourself with any of this. If you have belongings you love and treasure, you may choose to bring them along on the move or keep them safely tucked away in a storage unit, but largely you can move unencumbered by this bulk. This makes moving infinitely less stressful and much less time consuming.

Furnished apartments lend plenty of space for personal flare and the unique touches that make the space yours. Some residents may worry that renting a furnished apartment may not feel personal enough, but really all the small items you bring are what make your home yours. Furniture and necessities will be provided for you, but you can still make your space your own with many personal touches throughout.

With a quality furnished apartment, you will be impressed with the boutique-like quality of furnishings and it will be easier than you think to feel at home in no time. Bringing in some of your own artwork and personal effects can be a great way to tailor your space and make you feel at home. You may or may not choose to enhance your space in that way, but it is certainly an option.

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