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The Hollywood Hills are alive with history, most notably from Capitol Records, right around the corner from The James. The Capitol Records building stands as an iconic landmark for Angelenos and music aficionados, also housing Capitol Recording Studios where some of the most memorable and loved music was recorded.

Boasting a distinct shape, the 13-story building ironically looks like a stack of records placed on a vinyl player, complete with the 90-foot spire as the needle. A red light sits atop the spire, a constant blinking of “Hollywood” in Morse Code. When completed in 1956, Capitol Records was the first circular office building in the world.

Many legendary musicians have come to record in Capitol Studios; Frank Sinatra most notably being the first with the recording of his album Frank Sinatra Conducts Tone Poems of Color. The studio gives artists access to a unique feature and distinct sound with subterranean echo chambers said to create a reverberation of up to 5 seconds. These echo chambers were designed by legendary guitarist and recording innovator, Les Paul. Check out The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” for a snippet of the reverb effect.

According to Capitol Studios, The Beach Boys were one of the first iconic artists to bring life to the recording rooms. But they’re not the only icons to record here. Nat “King” Cole, Carole King, Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, Beck, Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry, to name just a few, have all graced the studio with their presence.

Just a few blocks away from the Capitol Records building lies another iconic building, The James of Hollywood. Steeped in rich musical history, and home to many eclectic and avant-garde guests, The James welcomes you where you belong – in a space designed for creatives.

In town for film or music production? Stay with us and let The James be your muse. Give us a call at 213.451.6348 or visit to book your stay. We’ll be expecting you.


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